Old New River written by David Yolton, performed by David Yolton and Spring Fed Roots


Recorded at Four Loud Barks, Blacksburg, VA, photography and video by Alisa Moody, Wild Country Studios, Compilation by Nicole Hersch, New River Valley Regional Commission; Giles County, ReNew the New; New River Watershed Roundtable, www.newriverwatershed.org, SWVA, Southwest Virginia

Lyrics Written by Paul Moody in 2007
Music Written and performed by
State Line Band


We want to let the people know,
that we have a dream.
To make the river flow,
crystal clear and clean.
Please do your share
And show you really care.
We invite you,
To help Re-new the New.


Re-new the New River,
Keep her flowing clean and wide.
Let’s keep her free of litter,
show New River pride.
This is our invitation,
that we extend to you.
Please join us in the dream,
and help Re-new rhe New.


Come and join us for a day,
as we flow between Her banks.
Ooooh we’re gonna pick up trash and play,
and give God all the thanks.
For the spirit of the river,
belongs to me and you.
So come on everyone,
help ReNew the New.