Giles County’s ReNew the New History by Ann Goette

It All Started in 2001

Paul and Alisa Moody, Ann Geotte, Leigh Stoudenmire and Dave Yolton.

2007 Poster

By the Numbers


  • More than 6,00 volunteers
  • 20,000 pounds of trash
  • 5,00 tires out of the river


  • 350 tires removed
  • 2 ton of debris
  • 10 mile stretched covered


  • 450 tires removed
  • 6 tons debris
  • 10 mile stretch covered
  • 200 volunteers


“To all appearances yesterday was a wonderful one–a real feeling of community, enthusiasm and good will. Lots of hard work done on behalf of our beloved river. The County Administration was amazing. “
~Ann Goette


“Estimated over 50 boats, & 150 volunteers all with one kindred spirit. WOW!! I felt like a kid all day.”

~Paul Moody


“We also collected the shell of a wrecked fiberglass boat, a gruesome doll head with partial body, a super soaker squirt gun, and a cool little dragon toy.”

~Dave Yolton


“Approximately 250 tires and 4375 lbs. or 2.2 tons of other debris/trash collected Saturday. – The good news is, there isn’t as much trash out there as there was three years ago.” ~ Chris McKlarney


2011 Ramps N Roads

  • 250-400 bags of trash

2012 Ramps N Roads

  • 50 to 60 bags of trash
  • 15 to 20 tires

2009 Giles County Administrator

   ” To all of you we say thank you. It was an incredible day and we were quite blessed with perfect weather. The volunteers in this and the surrounding communities never cease to amaze me. We picked up at least 430 tires and six tons of other garbage.


When you try to tell someone that all of that was done with volunteers, in less than five hours, it is hard for them to believe. It was an incredible effort by a lot of people and somehow we managed to get it done, have fun, and not get anyone hurt. Our staff was already talking this morning about how we could make it better next year and what we learned this year.


We are so fortunate to have a staff of people that truly believe in what they are doing and the talent to get it done. We appreciate all of you that donated your time, equipment, and energy. You are truly making a difference.”

Chris McKlarney


  • 230 Volunteers
  • 85 tires
  • 448 bags of trash
  • 18 tons of trash hauled away


In 2019 the regional ReNew the New Clean-up event had a profound impact on the New River Valley:

  • 751 Volunteers
  • 159 Tires Removed
  • 12800 Pounds of Trash
  • 25 Miles of River